Camp Gilgal


And the LORD said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day – Joshua 5:9

Weary people, strong walls, sagging spirits, a courageous leader, and Almighty God. This probably would have been the case with the Israelite of yester years. Nevertheless, The Lord gave his anointed leader a promise at a place which the world would remember as a memorial, where he would roll away the past and usher in new beginnings… Which is called Gilgal unto this day…

This verse was the one that sowed the seed of Camp Gilgal in The United Pentecostal Church – India in Ayanavaram, a church worshiping the Lord in truth and in spirit, a church soaked and steeped in oneness for the past 35 years.

RESTORE: Restoring the relationship with God – REBUILD: Rebuilding the church from within – RENEW: Renewing attitudes, outlooks, spirit, and body – REITERATE: Reiterating that there is only ONE TRUE GOD and that his name is Jesus.

Teams from Tabernacle of Joy, Singapore, Gospel Lighthouse, Malaysia and UPC Srilanka have ministered during Camp Gilgal till date.

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Praise & Worship

[audio:|titles=Haa Hallelujah Haa Hallelujah]

Praise & Worship

[audio:|titles=Gilgal Tuedsay Morning Worship – Samson & Michael]

Give me my Mountain

[audio:|titles=Gilgal Tuesday Morning Message]
“Give me my Mountain” – Sis. Weiss

Praise & Worship (Guitar)

[audio:|titles=Haa Hallelujah Haa Hallelujah Lead Guitar]

Praise & Worship

[audio:|titles=Gilgal Monday Morning Worship – Magesh]

Breaking the Walls of Jericho

[audio:|titles=Gilgal Monday Evening Message]
“Breaking the walls of Jericho” – Bro. Muthu – Monday Evening Service

Put on the Robe of Jesus

[audio:|titles=Gilgal Monday Morning Message]