Joshua Generation 2008

Praise is a garment that the church at Ayanvaram loves to wear. When we praise, we feel all liberty, we worship in spirit and in truth like the Apostle Paul said. We sing, we make a joyful noise unto the Lord, we triumph at the victories that we have in Christ Jesus and we dance in his presence like David. We carry the worshiping spirit of David very close to our heart. We know that anything can happen when we worship with the exuberance of an apostolic Pentecostal. Though this has come under the criticizing eye of many, we pray for this sector of people with spirit of Micah, but we want to impact the churches come to us with the wonderful Weapon of Worship and Praise to the Highest. He is worthy of all praise!!. It was this that took over the Joshua Generation and we know for sure that He came and abided in our praises…

Please view the full Report – Joshua Generation-Report 2008