Joshua Generation 2009

JUDE-1:22 – “And of some have compassion, making a difference:”
Making a difference in people’s lives is the vision that God has laid in the heart of The United Pentecostal Church in Ayanavaram. This is a difference in spiritual lives, in the way of worship, in building a unique relationship with God, and in operating in the gifts of the spirit. This difference is almost palpable in every service and this vision is slowly translating to the other churches in the city. Joshua Generation is an event where we make the vision known to the other youth from the city. This event is dear in God’s Calendar, and God chose to use International Evangelist, David Bryan as his vessel of Honor. Last year, we knew Bro. Bryan only as a servant of God, but he brought the services alive with the Spoken Word and with powerful menifestations of the Holy Spirit. This year, he has become a good friend, a close associate in partnering our vision and a man of God we wil turn to when we feel the battle the we are fighting is arduous. Bro. Bryan has prophesied that Joshua Generation would be a landmark event for youth from the Asian Region and we have already started working on that prophesy. We praise God for Bro. Bryan and his ministering spirit and his vision towards Joshua Generation….

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