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November 8, 2021 | 08th Nov 21| God blessed the first Sunday Service with the whole church after 1 year and 8 months this Sunday Praise be to God | Wonderful and timely sermon on for RUNNING FOR JESUS| Listen and be Blessed |

October 31, 2021 | 31st October 2021 | Make Room for God to work in you a great miracle | Listen and be Blessed |

October 31, 2021 | 31st October 2021| Why God allowed Joseph’s bones instead of others ! Listen to the different aspect of Joseph and how his bones were carried in to the promised Land! This is the last of the series! Listen and Be Blessed |

October 31, 2021 | 25th October 2021 | Until David buried the Bones of Saul, the Shadows of Saul followed him even after his death – sometimes we need to bury few things for God to bless. After the burial of the bones God raised new warriors who defeated the Giants and the Light of David was shinning upon them erasing the shadows of Saul – Listen and Be Blessed |

October 21, 2021 | Oct 18, 2021 – Power in the Bones Series | Amazing teaching on the Church and the Unbroken Bones of Jesus on the Cross | Listen and Be blessed |

October 21, 2021 | Oct 14, 2021 – Powerful message – Pastor continued on the Power in the Bones Series from Ezekiel 37 on the dry bones| Prophetical message and anointed by the presence of God | listen and be blessed! |

October 21, 2021 | Oct 10, 2021 – A meaningful message from Sis. Sandhya about the parents, children relationship and how Amazing God is in our families! Listen and Be blessed! |

October 16, 2021 | 07 Oct 21 | Pastor has pray-fully started a new series “Power in the Bones” – this was a powerful and anointed service where God’s power and presence was mightily felt throughout the service. The anointing is lingering still…… listen and be blessed |

October 4, 2021 | 04th Oct 2021 – A timely message on being rooted, built and to walk in Christ ! Be alert during these last days! Listen and be Blessed! |

September 26, 2021 | 26th Sep 2021 | What a powerful message from the not so famous character Dinah from Genesis 34| We cannot stop “halfway” go all the way with God| Listen and Be Blessed! |