Foundation of UPC Ayanavaram

The United Pentecostal Church in Ayanavaram was initiated in 1973 by Rev. George Shalm, the then Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church India on the basis of the Infallible Word of God and dedicated by Rev. Ellis Scism. This is a church built on brotherly love, strengthened relationships, and the fragrance of sacrifice. Growing from a small group of like-minded people to a congregation of 300 believers every Sunday, God’s hand of Grace is so apparent in our growth. He that has called is indeed Faithful.

Rev. Victor Hobday, Sr. Pastor left the earthly abode on 26th June 2013. Rev. Hobday stood for the truth and wherever his name is mentioned, the UPC affiliation immediately comes to mind. He served as Superintendent of the Indian Unit of the UPC for many years, raising leaders, building churches, establishing ministries in many remote places of the Indian Subcontinent. He was a radical thinker, a trendsetter in his day and time, and the shepherd of many souls. He was married to Sis. Rosey Hobday, a woman who quietly yet with steely determination, steered the ministry behind the scenes. She was a mother of 3 sons, grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren, great grandmother of 2 great-grandchildren and a great mother-in-law. We call her blessed. She left the earthly abode on 28th May 2014.

Pastor Hobday being called to the Great Commission in 2004 before Inspired by Bishop. Willoughby, the vision of impacting people fell upon his shoulders. He shared his vision with the Church and now the UPC Ayanavaram has impacted many lives. He is a man of commitment, far-sighted, meticulous, and a man who loves his eggs sunny side up. The voice of the Lord and the Word is his armor and Worship is his life. He believes that he would rather be David who danced in front of the ark unmindful of circumstances, rather than to partner with Mica who laughed at the worshipping spirit. As we fondly call him, he is a traditional breaker and loves to wear black. He is married to Sis. Sandhya, who serves in the church in all capacities, is dentist adn a professional “story teller” and believes in being apostolic 24/7. They are blessed with two daughters Samara Tanya Hobday being the eldest and Ziona Ahava Hobday the youngest.

Pastor. Samson Hobday & his wife share the Ministry faithfully along with Pastor. Hobday in this great commission.