Apostolic Rising

It was the humble desire of The United Pentecostal Church in Ayanavaram to add to the joy in heaven, to make known the works of a Wonderful Savior, to declare that He is the Redeemer, to proclaim that He is the Kingdom and Power- A desire to preach Jesus to the city, if not to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Every year, the United Pentecostal Church, Ayanavaram celebrates its founding day, and wanting to deviate from the norm, the idea of Apostolic Rising originated, mainly to bring in more souls into the church through evangelism. We worked on the byline, which reads One Soul, won Soul for One God. Like all things, Apostolic Rising had a humble beginning. Born in the minds of the leaders, nurtured at the hands of the believers, fed by the generosity from the congregation, and most of all fueled by an intense need to reach out. In a day and age where the generation is largely signed seeking, we as Apostolic Pentecostals wanted to instill the truth that “signs and wonders will follow those who believe” during these meetings.

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